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Manufacturing of the Wooden Benches

Wooden benches, Outdoor benches, Patio benches.

They are manufactured to last long the outdoor benches. The wooden benches, outdoor benches, kiddies benches range from 2 – 14 seaters, the backless wooden benches or backrest wooden benches or outdoor wooden benches are for all use, these wooden benches are all sturdily.

Construction Process Is As Follows:

  • The Entire Structure  has  6 supports for stability Purposes
  • We Use York Timber Approved and Treated Pine Wood.
  • The wood profile is 114 mm x 38 mm
  • The Seats are screwed onto a rigid frame which makes the structure of the bench a lot more robust
  • The structure is glued and screwed to Make it Stronger.
  • There are No screws that are visible.
  • The benches are varnished with 2 to 3 coats of Rystix Armadek long life, tough, weatherproof, UV resistant acrylic sealer
  • All corners on wooden benches are rounded for safety purposes and neatness.
  • We use approved Treated Pine wood that 38 cm wide or thick.
  • We use SABS approved long Screws long enough to keep the bench strong and we also use SABS approved Glue and Screws to join and strengthen all wooden products we build.
  • All wooden products get sanded down for perfection before they are painted, stained, varnish or any other types of paints.
  • We apply at least 2 to 3 coats of paints, Varnish or Stain on for longer lasting.
  • Cape Pine, Cape Town

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Wooden benches and kiddies's benches

Wooden benches and kiddies’s benches

indoor Benches, Picnic & Garden Benches Furniture are treated benches, The indoor benches range form 2 seaters indoor benches to 12 seaters indoor benches, the indoor benches are perfect for all use, These Garden benches are build sturdily.Garden benches are perfect for the garden, balcony, under and tree or small patio. These attractive garden benches are build sturdy and can withstand harsh and unpredictable weather. Patio Benches, the wooden patio or dining sets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Beautifully hand crafted and great value for money.